Deep Web Intelligence

Information is everywhere. Most often, however, it resides as hidden or unknown Big Data in the Deep Web, beyond the reach of traditional search engines. How do you find relevant information to create actionable, mission critical intelligence?

BrightPlanet has the fastest, most powerful tools and services available to help you turn information into intelligence. Our proven, patented technology is the definitive answer to the challenge of harvesting and analyzing Big Data from the Deep Web.

Deep Web Intelligence™ is the future. At BrightPlanet, the future is now.


BrightPlanet for Government

BrightPlanet’s patented, automated technology has been deployed within the US Intelligence Community (IC) for the past eight years helping fight the War on Terror. We have built a strong reputation on the depth and relevance of our Deep Web Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) results. We uniquely understand the requirements and deliverables required to achieve the mission objectives for intelligence analysts in the IC, Department of Defense, and Law Enforcement. Let us build the perfect solution for your needs.

BrightPlanet for Business

Your business depends on real-time intelligence about things like intellectual property, competitor strategies and finances, product roadmaps, and business opportunities in emerging markets. Without actionable intelligence, you risk losing valuable ground in an increasingly crowded market. We can create and customize the perfect solution to your Deep Web intelligence needs.

BrightPlanet for Single Users

When it comes to finding and analyzing content from Deep Web sources, individuals and businesses face difficult challenges using conventional web search tools.  At BrightPlanet, we’ve solved the challenge of automating research, monitoring, tracking, and alerting so that you get the real-time, relevant details you need. With both custom and out-of-the-box solutions available, we’re ready to help you find Deep Web Intelligence from your own desktop.