Do Anything With Data

At BrightPlanet we believe that you can do anything with data. Not just any data, but the right data in the right way. Collected from both the surface Web and deep Web, we harvest data to help our customers do anything.

What is anything? Our customers currently save lives, save money, make money, save time, get answers, and create solutions with data. Tell us what you want to do with data.



BrightPlanet for Insurance

Your business relies on efficiency throughout the entire insurance cycle. You need accurate data and you need it fast. Whether it’s the underwriting process or assessing a claim, having accurate and fast data can save you and your business time and money. Learn how automating current data collection processes and adding additional data sources can do just that.

BrightPlanet for Law Enforcement

You work in the world of protection and look for tools that enable you to protect the people and communities you care about. Having the right data at the right time can help further your ability to provide that protection. Learn how we get data to help you protect more quickly and effectively.

BrightPlanet for Big Data

You’re in the business of data, whether you offer a product with data or do research for your customers. It’s your responsibility to continuously innovate and find new ways to bring value. We can deliver custom data sets (big, small, and in-between) for any industry, collected from the Web and deliver it for you and your customers to do just that, innovate.