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For more than 30 years, AFIMAC Global has offered elite security, crisis management and emergency response services to image conscious companies across the globe. AFIMAC prides itself on partnering with their clients to protect people and property both during times of crisis and regular business operations. With the industry’s leading Senior Management team having unparalleled expertise in its market, these professionals offer an assortment of pre-crisis planning and premium security and response solutions to government and businesses representing nearly every industry. To learn more about AFIMAC visit their website at


AMPLYFI was created to advance techniques employed by the Intelligence Community for distilling signals from the Internet and apply these to deliver intelligence on potential technology or market disruptions.  AMPLYFI’s initial product, DataVoyant is the world’s first business intelligence platform to combine leading artificial intelligence, Surface & Deep Web harvesting capability and Big Data visualization within a single integrated, user-friendly framework.  For more information visit


BrightPlanet’s representatives for Australia and New Zealand, Amtac Professional Services Pty. Ltd., was established in 1993 and has been developing web applications in the security risk management and crime prevention space since 1997. Amtac’s Plot & Audit is a flexible application for gathering data and photographs in the field. By using the internal GPS in your iPad or tablet, you can place meaningful markers onto a map and record relevant information for later analysis. You can take photos with the camera on your tablet and add them to the marker or upload photos later on your workstation. The Plot & Audit Social Media Plugin powered by BrightPlanet provides insights around audit locations to support investigations, intelligence gathering, and strategic decision making. Learn more about Amtac at

Basis Technology

Basis Technology’s Rosette delivers language and entities analysis, fuzzy name matching and translation not only to enable multilingual search, but to empower advanced text analytics. Rosette easily integrates with dtSearch, Solr, ElasticSearch, and Cloudera. Through one integration, your search gains access to language identification in 55 languages, morphological analysis (tokenization, lemmatization, decompounding and POS tagging), entity extraction (people, places, organizations, products) and unparalleled fuzzy name matching and translation between English and many languages in their native scripts (Arabic, Chinese, Russian, etc.). Rosette is professional-grade text analytics that scales to any environment and provides reliable quality and customer support across all our supported languages. To learn more about Rosette and Basis Technologoy visit


HIGHFLEET®, Inc., founded in 1997, provides semantic technology solutions for legacy database federation, analytics, and “clean sheet” deductive databases.  All our solutions use our First-order Logic based, parallelized Reasoner that performs rapid inference over domain logic models (ontologies) and appended data.  Thus, analytics and sense making are “baked in” to all our solutions.  HIGHFLEEET’s  capabilities scale to very large models and appended data.  Our solutions are used in Intelligence Analysis, Manufacturing knowledge capture and re-use, Life Sciences, Cyber Security, Cloud solutions, “Big Data” and many other areas.  Firms also embed our capabilities in their own solutions, giving them new capabilities and discriminators.  Anyone with complex domains and large amounts of data can use HIGHFLEET to stop drowning in data and start understanding what it means.

Chenega Logistics

Chenega Logistics (CL), an 8(a) ANC-Owned Subsidiary of Chenega Corporation, is a premier provider of world-class, professional intelligence and technology services for U.S. government and commercial sectors in a wide range of areas, including IT Enterprise, Managed Services, Information Security, and Software Development. To learn more about Chenega Logistics go to

IMT Holdings, Corp

IMT Holdings, Corp. (IMT) develops and delivers the best in high-value, Business and Government Analytic information software products.  We specialize in natural language processing (NLP) entity extraction technology and geospatial coordinate mapping and geotagging software.  IMT provides the most innovative, customizable products to meet the changing faces of Big Data and Cloud computing.  When you’re ready to take your business Global, Rosoka™ captures the most salient and valuable data, optimizing results for GI and BI solutions.  IMT Holdings is pleased to offer products and services for the Rosoka and GeoGravy™ product lines. To learn more about IMT go to


IPDI is one of the most respected and experienced cyber intelligence and digital threat management service providers in Brazil. Company services include: cyber-fraud prevention and investigation, network and process security evaluation, as well as cyber-threat monitoring and response management. IPDI’s clients include major global financial institutions, multinationals, leading law firms, health services providers, pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions as well as medium-sized businesses. IPDI partners with innovative global security solution providers to introduce their services in Brazil. To learn more about IPDI go to

ISB Canada

For over 20 years, ISB Canada has been the leader in providing document retrieval and information sourcing services to the Canadian Insurance Industry and pre-employment background screening serving fortune 100 companies in Canada and the United States. ISB provides access to over 100 documents and offers our clients a full suite of products from a premium criminal record check to a drivers abstract, and all products in between. ISB Canada’s clients are impressed by our speed, unique products, reliability, high level of customer service and competitive pricing. In partnership with BrightPlanet, ISB launched the industry’s first social media search and digital surveillance products. These two new products are revolutionizing the way insurance companies and corporations are sourcing and leveraging social media and deep web content.


LucidWorks is the trusted name in Search, Discovery, and Analytics, delivering the only enterprise grade embedded search solutions built on Apache Lucene/Solr open source search. The LucidWorks Product Suite consists of two development platforms – LucidWorks Search and LucidWorks Big Data. LucidWorks Search delivers unmatched scalability to billions of documents, with sub-second query and faceting response time. LucidWorks Big Data tightly integrates key Apache projects needed to build and deploy applications needing access to multi-structured data. To learn more about LucidWorks go to

Mahindra Special Services Group

Mahindra Special Services Group (MSSG) is a leading corporate security risk consulting firm that helps organizations reduce risk and enhance their competitive advantage. MSSG protects information assets and minimizes losses due to an enterprise’s deviations from good governance. With a core team comprising former military officers and domain experts with decades of experience in corporate security, MSSG’s risk mitigation advisories have enabled over 100 major corporate clients to secure their people, assets, information and reputation. To learn more about Mahindra Special Services Group go to

Swan Island Networks

Swan Island Networks, Inc. is a cloud-based information services provider specializing in agile situational intelligence and risk management solutions. The company provides highly secure SaaS services for capturing, displaying, filtering, and sharing data from thousands of sources, both open and proprietary, supporting 20% of the Fortune 100 and more than 250 enterprises. TX360 is Swan Island Networks’ service optimized for global enterprises and private sector security, and TIES for Microsoft CityNext is a new service optimized for the public sector and designed to support local, state, regional and national governments’ situational intelligence needs, around the world. For more information, please call 503-796-7926 or visit