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Content Analyst Company

Content Analyst Company is the maker of CAAT, the content analytics platform that reduces the time and effort to find, organize, and discover knowledge and insight from big data. CAAT automatically learns the concepts within documents it is indexing and identifies relationships between documents; its use in solutions such as e-discovery and Intelligence speeds review while improving the quality of results and powers innovative features like adaptive document coding and social network analysis.


HIGHFLEET®, Inc., founded in 1997, provides semantic technology solutions for legacy database federation, analytics, and “clean sheet” deductive databases.  All our solutions use our First-order Logic based, parallelized Reasoner that performs rapid inference over domain logic models (ontologies) and appended data.  Thus, analytics and sense making are “baked in” to all our solutions.  HIGHFLEEET’s  capabilities scale to very large models and appended data.  Our solutions are used in Intelligence Analysis, Manufacturing knowledge capture and re-use, Life Sciences, Cyber Security, Cloud solutions, “Big Data” and many other areas.  Firms also embed our capabilities in their own solutions, giving them new capabilities and discriminators.  Anyone with complex domains and large amounts of data can use HIGHFLEET to stop drowning in data and start understanding what it means.

IMT Holdings, Corp

IMT Holdings, Corp. (IMT) develops and delivers the best in high-value, Business and Government Analytic information software products.  We specialize in natural language processing (NLP) entity extraction technology and geospatial coordinate mapping and geotagging software.  IMT provides the most innovative, customizable products to meet the changing faces of Big Data and Cloud computing.  When you’re ready to take your business Global, Rosoka™ captures the most salient and valuable data, optimizing results for GI and BI solutions.  IMT Holdings is pleased to offer products and services for the Rosoka and GeoGravy™ product lines. To learn more about IMT go to


LucidWorks is the trusted name in Search, Discovery, and Analytics, delivering the only enterprise grade embedded search solutions built on Apache Lucene/Solr open source search. The LucidWorks Product Suite consists of two development platforms – LucidWorks Search and LucidWorks Big Data. LucidWorks Search delivers unmatched scalability to billions of documents, with sub-second query and faceting response time. LucidWorks Big Data tightly integrates key Apache projects needed to build and deploy applications needing access to multi-structured data. To learn more about LucidWorks go to


Saffron is a thin-client, associative memory based analytic platform. Our highly flexible entity correlation engine, SaffronMemoryBase, captures and stores associations between entities using the same basic representations that form the core of human memory. Current product applications such as SaffronAnalyst™ focus on reading, remembering, and recalling associations, but much more is possible. To learn more about Saffron Technology go to

Mark Logic Corporation

Mark Logic Corporation is the leading provider of information infrastructure software, serving industries including media, government, financial services, and others. The company’s flagship product, MarkLogic Server, is used by customers to enable a wide variety of information applications including custom publishing, search-based applications, content analytics, unified information access, metadata catalogs, and threat intelligence systems. MarkLogic Server is based on patented innovations and provides state-of-the-art features including location awareness, real-time search, and a shared-nothing cluster architecture that supports high performance against petabyte-scale databases. Mark Logic is headquartered in San Carlos, California with field offices in New York, Washington, London, Boston, Austin, and Frankfurt. The company is privately held with investors Sequoia Capital and Tenaya Capital. For more information, to download a trial version, or to read the award-winning Kellblog, written by MarkLogic CEO Dave Kellogg, go to