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User Interface

How do I keep BlueJay up-to-date?

  • BlueJay is an online application service and updates are implemented automatically; users need access to a browser and the internet to use the most up-to-date version.

Can I use BlueJay on my phone/tablet/iPad?

  • Yes, but some display issues may exist due to the smaller size of the screens.

What web browsers work best with BlueJay?

  • BlueJay works great with the following versions Firefox, Chrome and IE.

Internet Explorer 9+

Google Chrome – Latest Version

Mozilla Firefox – Latest Version

Do I need a Twitter account to use BlueJay?

  • BlueJay leverages the Twitter Firehose and allows access to content you are looking for without using a Twitter account.

Live Map

Is it possible to change the map view?

  • Yes, BlueJay has two different map views, a street view and satellite view. You can change between them using the built in controls in the top right corner of the map.

Why aren’t all of my harvested tweets appearing on the Live Map?

  • Only GPS-enabled tweets are represented on the Live Map. These tweets are also included in the Live Stream with other tweets that have met your Watchlist criteria but did not have their GPS function enabled, usually tweeted from a cell phone.

How do I modify or delete the geo-fences on my map after they are created?

  • To change the size of the geo-fences: click anywhere on the circle, then click and drag the orange circle that appears to the lower right of the monitoring circle to adjust the coverage size, then click on the Save Map Location button in the top left corner of the Live Map.
  • To move a geo-fence: click anywhere on the circle, then click and drag on the orange circle that appears in the in the center of the monitoring circle to move it to the desired location, then click on the Save Map Location button in the top left corner of the Live Map.
  • To delete a circle: click the geo-fence that you would like to delete and then click the Delete Geofence button in the top left corner of the Live Map.

How large of an area can the geo-fenced tweets cover?

  • Each geo-fence can cover a radius from .5 miles to 25 miles.  Although the circle will drag to bigger when you are creating it, it will always return to no more than a 25 mile radius. Use multiple, overlapping radiuses to cover larger areas.

How can I zoom in to a precise location within a geo-fence?

  • To zoom in to a precise location of a geo-fenced tweet, uncheck the Geofences box in the top right of the live map.  Once unchecked, the geofence will disappear and the user will be able to zoom in to the street location.

Live Stream

Can I review tweets in the Live Stream while BlueJay is running?

  • Yes, the Live Stream has an On/Off Switch that can pause and resume the Live Stream.  While scrolling through the Live Stream to review previous tweets, the Live Stream pauses. If new tweets are generated while the Live Stream is paused, an alert notification will appear when new tweets come through at the top of the Live Stream.

Does the Live Stream run when I am not logged in?

  • Yes, and each time you log in the Live Stream will show the most recent tweets that met your requirements.  To view tweets that are no longer in the Live Stream, use the Export function which gives access to the last 10,000 tweets. Other custom export options are available. Please contact support via the Live Chat for more information.

Why am I not seeing results in my Live Stream or on my Live Map?

  • BlueJay is a live monitor and does not search a database for previous tweets that meet your monitoring criteria. It is possible that no tweets that met your criteria have been posted, or you may need to expand the Watchlist criteria to include additional User Watches, Red Flag Terms, or Place Names. (NOTE: Cities that are on the border of a geofence may not get detected within the geofence and pull all tweets from that location.)

How can I save tweets?

  • BlueJay users have access to the most recent 10,000 tweets using the Export function or by clicking the CSV button found on the top of the Live Stream bar. Other custom export options are available. Please contact support via the Live Chat for more information.

How many geo-fences can be used at one time?

  • A user is allowed to use up to 5 geo-fences at a time.

Can I add a Twitter handle that’s not in the User Watchlist by using the Live Stream?

  • Yes, if you are interested in adding a Twitter user that came through the Live Stream and is not on your current User Watchlist, simply click the grey eye to the left of the Twitter profile picture. Once clicked, the Twitter handle will turn green and will be added to the User Watchlist.

What is the User View and how do I access it?

  • By clicking the Twitter handle of an individual in the Live Stream, you will notice that BlueJay takes you to a User View page.  The User View page will give you a snapshot of the Twitter handle that was found in the Live Stream. This includes the individual’s location, whether their Twitter account has a geo-location, time zone, tweeted links, history of the individual’s last 200 tweets and much more.


Manage Watchlist

How many User Watches can be used at a time?

  • Users may add up to 1,000 Twitter users to monitor, per account.

How many Red Flag terms can be used at a time?

  • Users may have up to 75 Red Flag terms, per account. (NOTE: You may wish to use variations of terms as well to make sure you get what you are looking for. Example: shot, shoot, shooting)

Can I only use English language terms in my Red Flag Terms Watchlist?

  • You can use any language in the Red Flag Terms Watchlist. However, note that you will be alerted on Tweets that directly match your Red Flag Terms. If you want to monitor for red flag terms in more than one language, you will have to place the terms translated in the additional languages in the watchlist.

How many Place Names can be used at a time?

  • Users may have up to 5 Place Names, per account. Place Names are best used for locations that fall along the border of a geo-fence. 

What is the difference between Place Names and the Geo-Fences I placed on the map?

  • Adding a geo-fence to the Live Map will detect cities that are inside the geo-fence.
  • The geo-fences placed on the map are monitoring for tweets sent from a device with the geo-location information turned on (usually a cell phone).
  • In the Manage Watchlist Page of BlueJay, you will see a watchlist for Place Names. The Place Names watchlist is to be used for any small towns or cities that fall along the edge of a geo-fence that may or may not be monitored due to the size of the geo-fence.
  • Place Located tweets are those that do not have a GPS located on the tweet. This is because that individual has turned off their GPS settings from their mobile device.  If a red dot is not indicated in the live stream of a tweet and therefore not plotted in the live map, it will be a non-geolocated tweet.
  • If a tweet that comes through the live stream is non-geolocated, it is because the city inside the geo-fence matched the description of the location indicated in the Twitter Bio Location in that individuals account.
  • Not all tweets are geo-located, therefore BlueJay uses Place Names to search user profile description information for their location to also include non-geolocated tweets that match the Place Names detected within the geo-fence.

Can I enter an exact address or a location name as a Place Name?

  • You can, but it is not recommended.  Place Name uses the Twitter location field in the users own profile and they typically would not use their exact address or the name of a place such as park or a business.

Account Settings

I forgot my Password, what should I do?

Can I change my email address?

The training video keeps appearing in my Live Map. How do I get rid of it?

  • You will need to disable the training video. To do this, either uncheck the Continue Showing This Video box on the Live Map or uncheck Show Training Video On Live Map in the Account Settings.


Does BlueJay export every tweet I have ever harvested?

  • BlueJay exports, up to, the last 10,000 tweets that met your monitoring criteria. Other custom export options are available. Please contact support via the Live Chat for more information.

My BlueJay is not exporting, what should I do?

  • Please be patient. Navigating away from the export page will prematurely stop the running export.

Live Chat/Support

Who can I contact with questions about BlueJay?

  • Online support is available through the Live Chat support message system in the tool from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm CST Monday-Friday.
  • Email questions to (Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.)

User View

I sometimes get stuck on the User View page. What should I do?

  • Try refreshing your browser by clicking F5 to refresh your browser.

Purchase Process

Is there a way for me to test the tool?

  • To sign up for a 7 day free trial, fill out the fields in the link below. Be sure to use your work email account.

How do I purchase a full subscription of BlueJay?

  • subscription is $300 per month. A minimum subscription of three months is required but subscriptions can be purchased in three month increments from three months to one year (12 months). To purchase, please email and request a purchase form.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We accept check and credit card. BrightPlanet can also invoice you for the paid subscription.


How is BlueJay different from other Twitter monitoring tools?

  • BlueJay captures tweets from the entire Twitter stream, unlike all other products on the market that only get a fraction of the tweets that are being posted.
  • See our blog post on the Twitter APIs vs. the Twitter Firehose if you are interested in more information on what you missing with other tools.

Does the trial version provide access to the Firehose of Twitter or is it based off of the public API?

  • The BlueJay trial version provides users with full access to the Twitter Firehose. Users can monitor all publicly-available tweets against specific keywords, locations, and users in real-time.

Does BlueJay only search on Twitter?

  • BlueJay only searches Twitter. However, if you are interested in receiving tweets containing the shortened URL to photos, articles, videos, and public posts to Facebook, Instagram, any many more, simply apply the URL to your Red Flag Terms.

Will a user ever know they are being monitored with BlueJay?

  • No, BlueJay is invisible and covert because it monitors the entire Twitter stream directly and does not “Follow” the user from their account.

Can I use my BlueJay subscription on more than one computer?

  • BlueJay is a browser-based service and can be used on any computer or mobile device. Each named user will require their own login and subscription.

Will my email be kept completely private?

  • Yes, everything is kept private, including the person signing up and the department/agency. For more information, please see the Terms of Service for BlueJay.