Deep Web Silo Services™

Deep Web Silo Services™

For when you need the help of an expert Deep Web Investigator

For the easiest, fastest, most powerful solution to finding, preparing, and analyzing Big Data, look no further than our Deep Web Silo Services™.   These services combine three key elements: the raw power of the Deep Web Harvester, the depth of our Intel Silos, and the skills of BrightPlanet’s Data Acquisition Engineers– our in-house experts at creating and managing Deep Web Intelligence.

Our Deep Web Harvester is the most comprehensive tool available for Big Data acquisition.  It lets you find content that standard searches simply cannot access.  By giving you the power to direct thousands of simultaneous queries throughout the Deep Web, the Harvester enables you to return relevant content regardless of language, location, or source. The Harvester boasts virtually limitless advanced document filtering capabilities, customizable Boolean query development, and the ability to automate Big Data harvesting for final analysis.

Our Deep Web Intel Silos are individual repositories for topic-specific content, and are updated with new and relevant information from the Harvester in real-time. Each one is filled with high-quality Deep Web resources – databases, RSS feeds, and more – that lie beyond the reach of traditional search engines. They also include standard analytical tools like raw data views, topic clustering, and link analysis. Additional custom analytical modules can easily be added to meet your reporting needs.

The true value of our Silo Services, however, lies with our Data Acquisition Engineers. These are highly skilled content managers who will take the complexity out of your Deep Web research. Think of them as your personal guides to the Deep Web, discovering and harvesting the resources  that fill your Silo with relevant, timely content. Our Investigators will work hard to deliver the best results available, leaving you time to do what you do best: analyze and interpret the intelligence.

Our Silo Services are designed to eliminate the complexity and frustration that commonly accompanies a do-it-yourself solution. Put our expertise to work for you, and start seeing results immediately. Click here to request a free demo of Deep Web Silo Services.

View BrightPlanet’s Deep Web Silo Services Digital Brochure.

Key Benefits:

  • No software to set up and configure – access through any web browser
  • Investigators turn your requirements into Silos of content
  • Investigators identify and configure Deep Web sources
  • Investigators construct all harvest profiles and schedule automated harvests
  • Custom analytic capabilities to meet your specific needs
  • Silos contain nothing but information relevant to your research needs
  • Dedicated personnel to help with queries, data discovery and harvesting

Works Well For:

  • Government Intelligence Community (DoD, DEA, NSA, CIA)
  • Government research agencies (USDA, DoI, USDE)
  • Local and State Law Enforcement
  • Businesses who want help with queries
  • In-depth pharmaceutical and medical researchers
  • Intellectual property professionals
  • Anyone who wants the help of content experts
  • Those who have real research problems

Need a Different Solution?

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