Is this the Surface Web or Deep Web?

“Is this the Deep Web or Surface Web?” – We get asked this seemingly simple question often by customers and curious learners interested in our harvesting technology and the Deep Web in general.

The basic question seems pretty straightforward but like all things on the Internet, there’s a very gray area that exists in even the simplest of questions. We hope to help shed some light on why the answer to this simple question isn’t as straightforward as it may seem.

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[WHITE PAPER] Understanding Public Opinion Online

The Internet is infinite and complex.

Millions of social media posts are shared every minute, thousands of websites generate new content every day, and news sites produce new articles to contribute to the complicated space that makes up the world’s largest publicly available database.

It becomes a lot to collect that data, and proves even more difficult to understand and make sense of it.

Our latest white paper, Infinite Possibilities: Understanding Public Opinion Online, explains how you can expand your use of online information by analyzing and visualizing harvested data.

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Why You Should Be Using Data-as-a-Service in 2016

2016 is underway and the concept that still dominates the tech world is Big Data. The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed executives and found that an estimated 60% of executives report generating revenue from their Big Data initiatives.

It’s clear that the concept of Big Data is here to stay, but we anticipate a few changes in 2016 to Big Data that will be for the better. In this post, we explore some predictions to help you better understand where Big Data is headed.

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Analyze and Visualize Public Opinion Data From the Web

For years, students sat through statistics courses with no real direction. There wasn’t a clear-cut benefit to the data analysis.

That’s no longer the case.

Statistical thinking helps businesses derive insights and make data-based decisions. It allows departments to predict future trends and mitigate risk. And along with our technology partner Rosoka, our team at BrightPlanet uses modern statistical thinking to analyze and visualize public opinion data we harvest from the Web.

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BrightPlanet Serves as Panelist at CitiBank Big Data Event

Earlier this month, BrightPlanet’s Vice President of Business Development, Tyson Johnson, was invited to be a panelist at Citibank’s Big Data event in New York. The event brought together 50 of the world’s leading hedge funds with technology and Big Data experts from across a wide array of industries.

In conjunction with the event, Citibank released a white paper titled, “Big Data & Investment Management: The Potential to Quantify Traditionally Qualitative Factors” . The white paper digs into Citibanks’ newest findings in the Big Data space as it relates to investment managers. In this post, we’re going to explore two of those findings and how they relate to BrightPlanet, Big Data, and open source intelligence (OSINT).

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Infinite Possibilities: Harvesting and Enriching Public Opinion Data from the Web

The Internet is infinite.

It’s difficult to grasp the sheer amount of knowledge available online. Which means there’s an endless amount of information waiting for you to harvest and use for your business.

But how do you make sense of the unlimited stream of information online? How do you even know where to start and what to consider useful?

BrightPlanet, along with our technology partner Rosoka, can provide the answers. In this post, we discuss the harvesting and enriching of online data that can then be visualized and/or analyzed which we’ll be writing about in a later post.

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How Can You Analyze the Relevance and Sentiment of Online Data?

Salience and polarity.

These words sound like complex chemistry terms. In reality, salience and polarity help our team at BrightPlanet determine which pieces of content from the Internet are most relevant to your business. We leverage our technology partner Rosoka to help access salience and polarity in the data we harvest.

When we harvest data from open sources, we’re looking at millions of entries, from Tweets and news stories to bankruptcy databases and medical journals. Combing through the vast amount of information online, we use salience and polarity to select the most important documents, which you can use to protect your brand and educate your team.

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Deep Learning Framework Agreement Signed

Sioux Falls, S.D. – December 4, 2015 – BrightPlanet and AMPLYFI announced today that they have formed a long-term strategic partnership.

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[WHITE PAPER] Understanding the Power of OSINT

Business leaders often make decisions based on little to no information. It’s even worse to see those decisions made with no information when there’s an unbelievable amount of data available.

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OSINT in the Classroom: Intelligence and OSINT Drive Informed Business Choices

We often talk about the importance of open source technology (OSINT) in business, but the demand for technology-driven insight needs to start well before executives hit the board room. 
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