Webinar: “Stay Ahead of the Curve: Add PEPs to Know Your Customer in AML”

Governments around the world are increasing the customer due diligence requirements of  “Know Your Customer” (KYC), beginning with the 4th EU Money Laundering Directive. In addition to watch lists, firms must be ready to screen for “politically exposed persons” (PEPs)—public officials and close associates who are at “higher than usual risk” of corruption.

Banks need the ability to assess the risks of doing business with new or existing customers who may be, or become, a PEP. The data exists within countless news articles, blogs, and social media posts on the Internet. The solution is in open source intelligence (OSINT) through large-scale data harvesting and multilingual natural language processing (NLP).

To help further explain how NLP and OSINT can be used for KYC initiatives, we are excited to announce that we are having a joint webinar “Stay Ahead of the Curve: Add PEPs to Know Your Customer in AML” with our entity enrichment technology partner Basis Technology on Wednesday, June 10, at 1 p.m. CST.

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BrightPlanet Recognized in Cool Vendors Report By Leading Analyst Firm For Vendor Management Solutions

Gartner, Inc., the  leading industry analyst and research firm, recently released a list of vendors in their Cool Vendors in Vendor Management, 20151 (you’ll need a Gartner login to be able to access the report) research report which “highlights vendors that can potentially arm vendor management leaders with much needed tools and services to support vendor risk management and improve performance visibility”.

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Swan Island TX360 Demo Dashboard Released in Partnership with BrightPlanet

In October 2014, BrightPlanet and Swan Island Networks partnered to bring the world’s first set of Intelligence Channels to market through a new security intelligence service called TX360®. Featuring various channels from BrightPlanet’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) data feeds, a demo for the TX360 platform was recently made available to key partners. BrightPlanet offers both standard and customizable data channels, which can be deployed without IT requirements, for Swan Island Networks’ customers.

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[WHITEPAPER] Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Insurance

The insurance industry is all about efficiency. Whether you’re overseeing the underwriting process or assessing a claim, you need accurate data, and you need it fast.

The problem is that most insurance professionals aren’t moving as quickly as they could. Because they’re still relying on manual methods and insufficient data, they wind up spending way too much time and money on their work.

But there’s a better way. You can increase efficiency, accuracy, and even revenue by using open source intelligence (OSINT) to analyze more—and more valid—data from the Deep Web. By automating current data collection processes and adding supplemental data sources, insurance companies can save serious time and money. Find out how in our OSINT for Insurance white paper.

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Key Takeaways from the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit

The concept of ‘synthesis’ or blending thoughts, ideas, and technologies from different parties to create a more efficient system was the theme for the recent Gartner Business Intelligence Summit held in Las Vegas earlier this month.

BrightPlanet’s Vice President of Business Development, Tyson Johnson, attended the summit alongside thousands of industry leaders to discuss and share ideas on how technology, business intelligence, and analytics can revolutionize business. Read more to learn about the key takeaways Tyson has from the event.

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BrightPlanet Takes Part in Cyber Wizard Interview on OSINT Intelligence

Will Bushee, Vice President of Development, recently sat down with Stephen E. Arnold from Xenky to do an interview as part of Stephen’s research for the OSINT Automation Training Seminar which Stephen jointly hosted in Washington, D.C. earlier this year. Stephen has been instrumental in writing and speaking about the state of search and content processing for years.

During the interview, Will spoke with Stephen on a wide range of topics including BrightPlanet’s technology, cyber OSINT (open source intelligence), marketing, target industries and the future of cyber OSINT. The interview was released today on Xenky’s Cyber Wizards Speaks series.

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Using Deep Web Data in Retail and Entertainment

Since we released access to our Global News Data Feed earlier this year, which provides over 10,000 global news sources for analysis and use by our customers, we’ve come up with many interesting case studies of our data across a wide array of industries.

Last week, we covered how political organizations are using the Global News Data Feed to stay on top of the political landscape. This week, we are featuring how innovators in the entertainment and retail industries are capitalizing on the vast amount of data in the Global News Data Feed.

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Using Deep Web Data in Politics

In January, we announced the launch of a new product line called Deep Web Data Feeds. The launch of the new product brought with it the ability to start using our first data feed, the Global News Data Feed, for the ingestion of news data.

Through a REST API users are given access to the most recent seven days of global news data in the Global News Data Feed. We’ve seen a number of different industries take advantage of the feed and want to share some of their stories. In this post we’ll cover how politics is using Web data from the Global News Data Feed.

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[Whitepaper] Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Financial Services

It’s no secret that the financial industry faces serious fraud on the Web. But what is relatively unknown is how to combat that corruption. Currently, the risk management tools used by most financial services are insufficient at finding and preventing fraud.

Fortunately, there’s another, better way to do this: by using open source intelligence (OSINT) from the Deep Web. In this free white paper from BrightPlanet in partnership with K2 Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Financial Services, we explain how to use OSINT for financial compliance, fraud detection, and fraud prevention. Continue reading »

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Tyson Johnson Presents at ISS World OSINT Automation Training Seminar

On February 19, 2015, Tyson Johnson, BrightPlanet’s Vice President of Business Development, presented at ISS World’s training seminar on open source intelligence (OSINT) automation. ISS World’s one-day training seminar focused on using OSINT automation platforms for early warning protection against Internet-based security attacks.

In his presentation, Tyson gave tips for developing an OSINT platform for early warning detection.  Tyson’s key takeaways were:

  • Companies need to utilize OSINT
  • Companies need to decide what they want the data to tell them
  • Data input is equally as important as data output

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