BrightPlanet for Business

Your business depends on real-time intelligence about things like intellectual property, competitor strategies and finances, product roadmaps, and business opportunities in emerging markets. Without actionable details, you risk losing valuable ground in an increasingly crowded market. But how do you get this critical insight without breaking the bank?

BrightPlanet is the answer. Our patented, proprietary technology lets you automate Deep Web searches for competitive intelligence. Whether you want to scout your direct competitors, explore your industry and its trends, protect your intellectual property, or simply see where your company is showing up in the news, we will build the perfect solution for you. The results, no matter the source, will be relevant, real-time intelligence you can use to make the best decision for your company.

So when you want to alert the research and development department about innovations in the industry, or benchmark a competing company or product, BrightPlanet can help.

Our Solutions: