BrightPlanet for Government

Need some support providing strategic, actionable intelligence and warning from the ever-growing tide of Big Data? Struggling with how to balance improving intelligence capabilities and a shrinking budget? Regardless of the challenges you face, we can help with proven, cost-effective solutions that deliver mission critical Deep Web Intelligence in real-time.

BrightPlanet’s patented, automated technology has been deployed within the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) for the past eight years. We have built a strong reputation on the depth and relevance of our Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) results, that come from harvesting Big Data from the Deep Web. We uniquely understand the requirements and content deliverables that analysts need to help their agencies, whether the Department of Defense, USDA, Department of Energy–or other agencies with Deep Web Intelligence needs.

“[T]he collection, analysis and dissemination of information from open sources is as vital as ever…As the DNI’s strategic plan puts it, quote, ‘no aspect of collection requires greater consideration or holds more promise than open source information.’”

-Michael Hayden – former CIA Director

Our Solutions: