BrightPlanet for Single Users

When it comes to finding and analyzing content from Deep Web sources, individuals and businesses face difficult challenges.  At BrightPlanet, we’ve solved the challenge of automating research, monitoring, and alerting so that you get the timely, relevant details you need. With both custom and out-of-the-box solutions available, we’re ready to help you find Deep Web Intelligence.

Whether you are a knowledge worker, subject matter expert or an investigator in law enforcement, politics, competitive intelligence analysis, market research, Intellectual Property law or any field where access to real-time, relevant content is critical to success, BrightPlanet delivers vital information you need.

With capabilities ranging from discovery of unstructured content – like PDF, HTML, and PPT files – to the geo-location of social media like Tweets, our powerful solutions will help you achieve your top intelligence priorities quickly. Whether you want a custom build or a plug-and-play, ready-made solution, we can get you started quickly

Our Solutions: