OpenPlanet® Enterprise Platform

OpenPlanet® Enterprise Platform

End to End Big Data Platform Solution

BrightPlanet has developed the OpenPlanet® Platform for companies that need the power and agility of a customized end-to-end solution. OpenPlanet gives you the best data harvesting capabilities, combined with best-of-breed analytics, storage and visualization options, to deliver Deep Web Intelligence into your enterprise.

At the core of the OpenPlanet Platform is our patented DeepHarvester® technology. It allows you to build custom queries that find content from thousands of global Deep Web sources (like databases and unlinked content). Thanks to an agnostic, open architecture, the DeepHarvester seamlessly integrates with virtually any third-party analytical tool for content enrichment, visual analysis, sentiment analysis, semantic analysis, and more. And because of its open architecture, the OpenPlanet Platform can be easily and quickly integrated into your existing internal analysis or storage systems.

The strength of the OpenPlanet Platform is rooted in the strategic partnerships we’ve developed with analytical solution providers. These innovators give you the tools to see the bigger picture, identify trends, visualize relationships, and construct the reports your business needs to succeed. With OpenPlanet, you can focus on intelligence, not integration.

OpenPlanet represents the future of Big Data accessibility. Click here to request a free demo of OpenPlanet.

Key Benefits:

  • Patented, proprietary harvesting technology
  • Open architecture for easy integration
  • Developed and optimized for Cloud computing
  • Full scalability for enterprise use
  • Dozens of existing integrations with best-of-breed analytical solutions, including:
    • Visual Link Analysis
    • Semantic Analysis
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Additional custom capabilities by demand
  • Customized content tagging, enrichment, and storage

Works Well For:

  • Intelligence workers with complex analytical needs
  • Enterprise organizations with deep harvesting requirements
  • Large and small systems integrators and contractors
  • Anyone looking for powerful harvesting capabilities without the costs of a custom integration

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