Deep Web Harvester™

Deep Web Harvester™

Pioneers Harvesting Big Data for over 10 years

Our Deep Web Harvester™ is the most comprehensive tool available for Deep Web data acquisition.  It lets you find Big Data that standard searches simply cannot access.  By giving you the power to tap directly into content sources throughout the Deep Web, the Harvester returns relevant Big Data regardless of language, location, or source – and makes it all readily available for analysis.

The Harvester boasts virtually limitless advanced document filtering capabilities, customizable Boolean query development, and the ability to customize queries that are simultaneously submitted to literally thousands of Deep Web sources. It is designed for the technically savvy user who wants complete control over the harvest criteria.

The Harvester can be deployed as a standalone lightweight web interface through SaaS (no software to install), or as an accessible enterprise solution behind the security of your firewall. This version can be tightly integrated into a custom or enterprise solution through our OpenPlanet® Enterprise Platform, which gives you much deeper analytical capabilities.

Whether you want the flexibility of thin client or the security of on-premise, we can create and customize the right solution for your specific needs. Click here to request a free demo of the Deep Web Harvester or view BrightPlanet’s Deep Web Harvester Digital Brochure.

Key Benefits:

  • Monitor and harvest topic-specific content
  • Results from Deep Web sites that require a query
  • Develop custom query criteria
  • Able to issue thousands of simultaneous queries
  • Pull content that is hidden to standard searches
  • Optionally include existing surface web search engines
  • Harvest links through RSS feeds
  • Tap directly into Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn content
  • Ingest newsletters and email content directly
  • Advanced document filtering ensures the most relevant results
  • Access virtually any content, regardless of format or language
    • Include PDFs, HTML, PPT and other inline content
  • Tune harvests based on queries, keyword filters, URL filtering and more
  • Content is readily available for analysis

Works Well For:

  • Government Intelligence Community (NSA, DoD, CIA, DEA)
  • Government research agencies (USDA, DoD, USDE)
  • Local and State Law Enforcement
  • Data harvesting behind a firewall
  • Custom deployments
  • Users with heavy analytical needs
  • Do-it-yourself projects

Need a Less Robust Solution?

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