Deep Web Monitor™

Deep Web Monitor™

Track, Monitor, and Alert – in real-time

This thin-client solution (no software to install) allows you to monitor and harvest tweets, blogs, RSS feeds, surface sites and Deep Web sites.  With the Monitor, YOU define the sources, YOU define the keyword queries, and YOU get alerts delivered directly to your email.

The Monitor is easy to use, and starts delivering your Deep Web results as soon as you set up the query. Real-time results can also be geo-located, letting you see exactly where they originated. Best of all, users can save queries and archive and export harvested result sets.

And when it comes time to analyze all that real-time content, a simple upgrade to our Deep Web Silo Services will let you store, slice, and dice the Big Data content for the actionable intelligence you need.

Take control of the knowledge you need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Stay informed, stay in touch, and keep ahead of the competition with the right intelligence at the right time, delivered right to your fingertips. Click here to request a free demo of the Deep Web Monitor or view BrightPlanet’s Deep Web Monitor Digital Brochure.

Key Benefits:

  • Set-it-and-forget-it scheduling
  • Harvest from specific sites you define
  • Focus on mission-critical business topics
  • View content trends over time
  • Ability to filter only new or modified content
  • Display statistical tracking reports for changes over time
  • Keyword alerts pushed directly to your email

Works Well For:

  • Knowledge and intelligence workers targeting specific websites
  • State and Local Law Enforcement
  • Social media monitoring
  • Intellectual Property professionals
  • Political groups and campaigns
  • Staying on top of trends

Need a more robust solution?

View our solutions page for more details about our Deep Web Harvester, Deep Web Silo Services, and our OpenPlanet Platform.