Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

The bad guys are out there, and they’re talking to each other online. Whether they’re using social media sites like Twitter, forum boards, or deeper outlets, your job is to find them. But the volume of information can make that difficult, especially in a world of real-time changes.

BlueJayWhiteHeadWant to monitor Twitter specifically? Check out our very affordable BlueJay Twitter Crime Scanner and sign up for a free 7 day trial.

Are you looking for a more advanced open source intelligence (OSINT) data collection and analysis platform that helps with building a case against gangs in your community, organized crime, or drug cartels? Our Deep Web Silo Services can harvest, archive, and house all the intelligence you need, so you’re ready with the right details when it’s time to prosecute.

Whether you need thin-client delivery (no software to download), a full-fledged application to deploy behind your firewall, or you want the help of our in-house experts, we can easily and affordably customize a solution for you.

Stay informed, stay in touch, and keep tabs on the bad guys with the right intelligence at the right time, delivered right to your fingertips.

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Policies and Resources

Developing a Policy on the Use of Social Media in Intelligence and Investigative Activities

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Partnering with GeoTime to Make Twitter Data Actionable for Law Enforcement

We get a lot of questions asking how law enforcement can leverage Twitter data to enhance situational awareness and provide actionable intelligence. BrightPlanet is teaming up with GeoTime to help effectively take geolocated Twitter data and visualize movement and communication patterns. GeoTime is a visualization tool to track geospatial movements over time that can easily leverage [...]

[webinar reprise] Social Media for Law Enforcement - From Implementation to Investigation

Back in October we held this webinar in partnership with Lauri Stevens of LAwS Communications: Social Media for Law Enforcement – From Implementation to Investigation. Several attendees asked if we could host this webinar again so we have scheduled a reprise for Monday, December 2, at 1 p.m. EST. Here’s what we will cover. Users send 400 [...]

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Deep Web Silo – Detroit Crime Commission

BlueJay – Hofstra University Presidential Debates



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ijis logoBrightPlanet is a Member of the IJIS Institute.  The IJIS Institute is a national nonprofit organization that brings together industry and government in an effort to promote the advancement of national information sharing standards across all levels of the justice, public safety, corrections and homeland security communities.